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At PMJ, our overriding work ethic towers above all else. Every piece of art is a product of a deeply meditative process. It all starts with a dream, a visualization of the ethereal beauty that our jewelry would escort. Only when we are convinced that it will complement your beauty, do we take the next step. If our designers can conceive it, we ensure that we get the stones - Hong Kong, Bangkok or Columbia and from the very ends of the world indeed. No effort is spared to source the perfect material. From the domain of fantasy, we move your jewelry into to the realm of the centuries-old craftsmanship of our karigars. If you watch them in the process of creating necklaces, earrings...
Victorian Traditional Bride's Pride Nouveau Bespoke
History is not merely a record of the passage of time, of events. It is as beautiful as a string of pearls that is bound by moments of inspiration and courage, love and passion. It is a saga of exemplary vision that made a difference to the world for eternity.

PMJ was borne out of such inspiration in 1964 – a dream of making world-class jewelry for a discerning clientele in the old city of Hyderabad. As it happens with such dreams, Shri P. Manoharlal Jain soon realized that dreaming is one thing, and riding the dream is completely another, as destiny quickly favored one man’s commitment to excellence...
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